12 Pin Ribbon Cable

12 Pin Ribbon Cable


12 Pin Ribbon Cable 12 Pin Flat Ribbon Cable

ECOCABLES, being a professionally known custom ribbon cable manufacturer, takes pride in ensuring we meet our clients’ ribbon cable application needs to the fullest. At ECOCABLES, we have what it takes to customize different ribbon cables, including the 12 pin ribbon cable, to offer reliable application solutions while keeping into account the necessary variables.

ECOCABLES is highly dedicated to meeting every client’s needs through our effectively quick customer care team that offers quick responses. We are also well-known for providing affordable customized 12 pin ribbon cables within the shortest time possible. Our services are highly recognized because we guarantee our customers superior services that are nothing short of quality. Reach out today and place that order!



Cable28AWG  (other: 32AWG 30AWG 26AWG 24AWG)
Cable pitch1.27MM (other: 0.635MM 1.0MM 2.0MM 2.54MM)
Copper wire structure materialFirst plated and then stranded tin-plated copper wire
Copper core conductor7/0.12mm {other: 7/0.08mm 7/0.09mm 7/0.1mm 7/0.16mm 7/0.2mm (7 is 7 copper wire)}
Cable colorGray with red side (other: black, yellow, red, or custom)
Cable lengthCustom
Connector type12 pin IDC connector
12 pin DIP connector
Connector gendermale, female
Connector pitch1.27MM 2MM 2.54MM
Conductor resistance≤237Ohm/RM↓
Insulation Resistance≥100mOhm/RM↑
Working temperature-40°C~+105°C
ApplicationWidely used in computers, instruments, machines, electrical appliances, automobiles, color TVs, air conditioning, LED displays, DVDs, VCDs, and so on.
Insulation JacketEco-friendly PVC 45P(RoHS)
ServiceOEM and ODM


12 Pin Flat Ribbon Cable Types

The crimping method of both ends of the finished IDC ribbon cable:
12 Pin Ribbon Cable
1. Two-piece style
12 Pin Flat Ribbon Cable
2. Three-piece style: with reverse buckle


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