IDC To DIP 10 Pin Rainbow Ribbon Cable

IDC To DIP 10 Pin Rainbow Ribbon Cable


IDC To DIP 10 Pin Rainbow Ribbon Cable UL2651 28awg

The High Quality UL2651 28awg 2.54mm Pitch IDC To DIP 10 Pin Rainbow Ribbon Cable is widely used in electrical appliances, printer, robotics, PCB board circuits connect, industrial equipment, data/communications equipment, gaming equipment, medical equipment, instrumentation equipment, computer cabling, hard drives, CD driver, Video Project Devices, DVD Players, backlights panel, car LCD panels, LCD TV Panels, LED displays, box cabling, etc.

CableUL2651 28AWG cable or custom Cable
Cable PitchPH1.27MM (Other: 0.635MM, 1.27MM, 2.0MM, 2.54MM)
Copper wire Conductor7/0.12MM(Other general  7/0.08MM, 7/0.09MM, 7/0.1MM, 7/0.16MM, 7/0.2MM 7 of 7-strand copper wire)
Jacket colorRainbow

(and another color, gray with conventional printing with red edge, and yellow, to be ordered!)

Connector type2.54mm Pitch IDC To DIP 10 Pin IDC Connector
Conductor diameter0.12 ± 0.005mm
Conductor Elongation18% ↑
Withstand Voltage2KV 10mA /
Conductor resistance≤237 ohms / RM ↓
Operating temperature15mΩ
Operating Temperature-40 °C ~ + 105 °C
Insulation JacketEnvironmental PVC 45P (RoHS) 8058 Grey
ServiceOEM ODM Accepted

IDC To DIP 10 Pin Rainbow Ribbon Cable

IDC To DIP 10 Pin Rainbow Ribbon Cable

Production Process

IDC To DIP 10 Pin Rainbow Ribbon Cable



IDC To DIP 10 Pin Rainbow Ribbon Cable

Our Capacity

At ECOCABLES, Custom ribbon cable assemblies can include:

  • Custom Flat ribbon cable,
  • Discrete wire with custom twists
  • Jacketed and shielded
  • High flex & High speed,
  • Color-coded
  • Custom Split wires
  • Materials other than PVC

Custom ribbon cable connectors Capacity

  • UL 2651 certified gray cable 2-64 P: PH 1.27 mm, 1.0 mm, 0.635 mm;
  • IDC Connector Series 6-64P: 2.54 IDC, 2.0 IDC, 1.27 IDC
  • DIP Connector Series 6-64 P: 2.54 DIP, 2.0 DIP
  • IDC Gray Cable: Customize any length specification, sample production
  • Rainbow Flat Cable


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