Descriptions of Ribbon Cable

Descriptions of Ribbon Cable

What is ribbon cable?
This ribbon cable gets its name from its appearance. It consists of many conducting wires lined up side-by-side, forming a flat and wide cable, like a ribbon. It is also known as flat cable or multi-planar cable.

Why use ribbon cables?
Ribbon cables are usually used when space is a factor. They lay flat and take up very little room. Because they are flat, they can run under the carpet, which is very convenient. They are also vulnerable to mass termination.

What are ribbon cables used for?
Ribbon cable is used for data transmission and communications. It is commonly used in computer cable applications where it is used as internal wiring for hard drives, CD drives, and more. Ribbon cables are also commonly used for internal wiring of other electronics and appliances. They can be found in test and measurement equipment, automated terminal equipment, robots and pick and place equipment.

Are there any disadvantages to ribbon cables?
This type of cable does not allow for sideways flexing, so it may only be used in straight-run applications.

How do I determine which size I need?
Ribbon cables are usually described by the number of conductors and the spacing between them. For this type of cable, the conductors may also be referred to as ways. The pitch is called pitch. The most common pitch for ribbon cables is 0.050 inches or 1.27 mm.

Why is there a red stripe on the edge of my ribbon cable?
The red stripe located on one edge of the gray ribbon cable serves as an identification stripe during the installation process. It is designed to prevent reversed connections, which can cause damage to electronic devices. In general, the red conductor is paired with pin 1 on the connector.

What is the significance of the colors used in the rainbow ribbon cable?
The colors of rainbow ribbon cable are used to make conductor identification easier. The standard colors of the cable are: brown, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, gray, white, and black. After that, the color is repeated.

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