2mm Pitch 14 Pin Flat Ribbon Cable

2mm Pitch 14 Pin Flat Ribbon Cable


2mm Pitch 14 Pin Flat Ribbon Cable

The 2mm pitch 14 pin flat ribbon cable is widely used in electrical appliances, printer, robotics, PCB board circuits connect, industrial equipment, data/communications equipment, gaming equipment, medical equipment, instrumentation equipment, computer cabling, hard drives, etc.

Product Name 2mm Pitch 14 Pin Flat Ribbon Cable
Wire Gauge 28 AWG
Cable Length 6 in
Jacket Material Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)
Connector End A IDC socket
Connector End A Pin Count 14 position
Connector End B IDC socket
Connector End B Pin Count 14 position
Gender Female / Female
Connector Pitch 2mm pitch
Unit Weight 0.526067 oz
Brand Digilent
Mfr. # 6003-310-001
Sample Available
Service OEM and ODM
Test 100% testing inspection

1. RIBBON CABLE – 14 conductor
1.0mm Round Conductor Flat Cable
28AWG (7×36) stranded copper conductors
Gray PVC with pin #1 edge marked
MOLEX PN 82-28-3020 (20 conductor, 6 circuits stripped off)

2. 2mm Ribbon Female Polarized Connectors
IDC connection to ribbon
Preferred: beryllium copper plated
Alternate: phosphor bronze plated
30 micro inches Gold plating over 50 micro inches Nickel
AMP PN 1-111623-9
Molex PN 087568-1444
Central Components Manufacturing PN AFC-05C-14-B-SG

Connectors mate to 0.5mm square posts on 2mm centers
Molex PN 87832-1420 or 87832-1421 (Xilinx PN 2600266)

2mm Pitch 14 Pin Flat Ribbon Cable

2mm Pitch 14 Pin Flat Ribbon Cable

Production Process

2mm Pitch 14 Pin Flat Ribbon Cable


Our Capacity

Custom Ribbon Cable Types

● PH2.54 IDC Cable Series

● PH2.0 IDC Cable Series

● PH1.27 IDC Cable Series

● Gray/Rainbow/Red/Yellow IDC DIP Cable Series

● … …


Custom Ribbon Cable Connectors:

● IDC Connector Series 6-64P: 2.54 IDC, 2.0 IDC, 1.27 IDC

● DIP Connector Series 6-64 P: 2.54 DIP, 2.0 DIP


More Flat Ribbon Cables


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6002-310-000 cab-LVDV-PWR-10-15 FIT0689
310-100 6003-310-001 cab-LVDV-DAT-34-15



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How to Order
1. Talk to us about your ribbon cable – 2. You (or our engineer) provide drawing – 3. Confirm drawing – 4. Quote – 5. Sample built – 6. Sample approved – 7. Payment – 8. Mass production – 9. Test before shipment – 10. Delivery

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