Dupont To 2.54mm Pitch IDC Ribbon Cable

Dupont To 2.54mm Pitch IDC Ribbon Cable


Dupont To 2.54mm Pitch IDC Ribbon Cable UL2651 28AWG

The dupont to 2.54mm pitch IDC Ribbon Cable has good appearance, without defects of plastic injection molding, metal parts may not have scratches, deformation and other defects of performance to meet the requirements.
This ribbon cable widely used in electrical appliances, printer, robotics, PCB board circuits connect, industrial equipment, data/communications equipment, gaming equipment, computer cabling, hard drives, CD driver, video project devices, DVD players, backlights panel, car LCD panels, LCD TV panels, LED displays, box cabling, etc.

CableUL2651 28AWG
Conductorcopperor tinned copper
Cable Lengthcustom
Connector Typedupont to 2.54mm pitch IDC connector
Connector A3p, dupont
Connector BIDC, dbl row, pitch: 2.54mm, 48P
Application3D printer
Materialplastic, electric parts
Rated Current1amp
Maximum voltageAC 500V / 1minute
Insulation resistance1000mΩ
Contact resistance15mΩ
Operating Temperature-40 ° C ~ + 105 ° C
ServiceOEM and ODM

Dupont To 2.54mm Pitch IDC Ribbon Cable

Dupont To 2.54mm Pitch IDC Ribbon Cable

Production Process

Dupont To 2.54mm Pitch IDC Ribbon Cable



Dupont To 2.54mm Pitch IDC Ribbon Cable

Our Capacity

Custom Ribbon Cable Types

● PH2.54 IDC Cable Series

● PH2.0 IDC Cable Series

● PH1.27 IDC Cable Series

● Gray/Rainbow/Red/Yellow IDC DIP Cable Series

● … …


Custom Ribbon Cable Connectors:

● IDC Connector Series 6-64P: 2.54 IDC, 2.0 IDC, 1.27 IDC

● DIP Connector Series 6-64 P: 2.54 DIP, 2.0 DIP


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Talk with us for your ribbon cable demands – You provide drawing – Confirm drawing – Provide quotation – Discuss samples needs -Sample approved -Payment for your order – Mass product AFTER sample approved – Testing before send out – Delivery

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