Tinned Copper Wire of UL2651 Flat Ribbon Cable

Tinned Copper Wire of UL2651 Flat Ribbon Cable

How to identify the authenticity of the tinned copper of the UL2651 flat ribbon cable

The authenticity identification of UL2651 flat ribbon cable tinned copper, the entire electronic market in the national standard 2651 flat cable range is all tinned copper wire, common consumers see the tinned copper inside when buying UL2651 flat ribbon cable, They will ask, is this UL certified or how many copper wires are there, and what is the diameter of the copper wires? The UL2651 flat ribbon cable is composed of 7 strands of tinned stranded copper wire, and the diameter of each copper wire is 0.12±0.05mm.

For some consumers, when they see us peeling off the rubber and show them the copper wire structure, they think that yellow copper is real copper wire, and tinned copper is iron wire, or copper-clad steel or copper-clad iron. For such consumers, it is necessary to introduce the authenticity of the copper wire in detail, and to show them the actual copper wire with fire, so as to eliminate their doubts. Indeed, there are many such manufacturers in this electronic market. If they need to reduce costs and sell them at high prices, they will make copper-clad steel and copper-clad iron products for sale, and reduce the unit price by half of the price of copper wire to attract consumers’ attention.

UL2651 flat tibbon cable tinned copper refers to copper with a thin layer of metallic tin on the surface, such as tinned copper wire. Tin forms a tin dioxide film in the air to prevent further oxidation. Tin and halogen can also form a similar film. So it has good corrosion resistance, certain strength and hardness, good formability and easy soldering, the tin layer is non-toxic and tasteless, can prevent iron from dissolving into the packaging, and the surface is bright, and the printed pictures can beautify the product.

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