20 Pin Ribbon Cable

20 Pin Ribbon Cable


26 Pin Ribbon Cable 26 Pin Connector Flat Ribbon Cable

ECOCABLES is a professional 26 pin ribbon cable manufacturer specializing in wire harness R&D, design, manufacturing, processing, sales and service. Products are widely used in high-end fields such as electronics, electrical, automobiles, new energy, medical, industry, communications, and smart products.


Cable32AWG 30AWG 28AWG 26AWG 24AWG
Cable pitch0.635MM 1.0MM 1.27MM
Copper core conductor7/0.08MM 7/0.09MM 7/0.1MM 7/0.12MM 7/0.16MM 7/0.2MM
Cable colorGary or OEM Color
Cable lengthCustomized Length
Connector type26 pin IDC connector
26 pin DIP connector
Connector genderFemale to female (male OEM)
Connector pitch1.27MM 2.0MM 2.54MM
Operating temperature-40°C~+105°C
Insulating outer quiltEco-friendly PVC 45P(RoHS)
ApplicationUsed for most Atmel AVR JTAG debugger, system programmer, ISP download, etc.
SampleSample confirms firstly before mass production, and 2~4 days finished usually.
ServiceOEM and ODM products are acceptable


Cable Types

26 conductors 26 wires
Color: gray, rainbow, red, black or custom
26 conductors 26 wires with sheath
Color: gray, rainbow, red, black or custom


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